What Guides Us


Thorough: We follow structured processes, and double-check everything we do. We are unambiguous and well prepared.

Independent: We look beyond customer specifications and search for the best way to solve the problem. We do our best to be professionally objective.

Challenging: We challenge conventional wisdom and appraise cases from multiple dimensions. We strive to find innovative ways of working.

Solution oriented: We focus on finding solutions by defining the problem clearly. The advice we give is clear and direct.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reduce risk by optimising the interaction between people, systems, products, environments and organisations.

HFS shall be recognised as the centre of excellence for human factors and HF based design.


HFS promotes the end user perspective through a systematic and holistic process, key to being cost efficient and getting things right the first time. This is the basis for creating business advantages for our customers and to achieve profitability for HFS so that we can reward ourselves, grow and have fun.

We attract and retain employees who share a passion for, and understand, human factors and end users’ needs. We support this by cultivating fulfilling careers and professional enthusiasm in multidisciplinary project teams that embrace our core values of being thorough, independent, challenging and solution oriented.