Human Machine Interaction

Interaction design is about creating the optimum link between a system and its user. This link is often called the Human Machine Interface (HMI) or User Interface (UI), and it includes all parts of the interactive system which give the user information and means for affecting the system, e.g. displays, controls, dials, sound, graphics, menus, text, alarms. The system can be a mobile phone, an advanced control system or a web page – they all contain a HMI.

Having a system with a well-designed HMI will enhance its usability and improve your user satisfaction. It will also allow you to improve work performance by making system interaction as effective as possible.

How can we help?

By combining human factors, guidelines and recognised design processes, HFS’ skillful designers can assist in creating interfaces for consumer or professional products and applications.

We can also assess existing or new interfaces and recommend improvements, e.g. by performing usability evaluations or user testing.