All projects should be based on visions and philosophies, steering documents and plans, underpinned by the relevant regulations and standards applicable for each project. Development and implementation of these documents at an early stage in a project is key to an efficient and effective project and a final product which is safe, interoperable, compatible and of high quality.

How can we help?

Our in-depth knowledge of the latest regulations, standards and best practices, coupled with our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to help you:

  • develop guidance documents such as philosophies, programmes and plans
  • gain an understanding of the ‘regulation jungle’ and implied meanings
  • create handbooks for engineers and assembly teams with work procedures and instructions
  • create tools that evaluate services and physical environments
  • ensure universal accessibility (e.g. auditory, tactile, physical) by conforming to standards and guidelines
  • consider alternatives for display and interaction methods to aid usability.