Co-design with control room operators – Draugen

Client: Aibel

BackgroundPortfolio picture Draugen2

HFS was awarded a contract by Aibel for the Shell Draugen HMI modification project. The existing safety and process control system on the Draugen platform is based on old technology, and approaching obsolescence with regards to spare parts. ABB is delivering a new system based on the new 800xA technology. HFS’ Interaction Design and Usability consultant ensured that the upgrade of the system followed a structured human factors process.


A major focus of the project was to involve Draugen control room operators in the design of a new user interface. Our consultant coordinated and facilitated design workshops. Shell operators provided technical knowledge and shared their experiences with the current system. Co-design techniques, such as collaborative sketching, allowed participants to communicate and explore new design concepts, as well as express their experiences and expectations. Based on the ideas from the workshops, HFS produced sketches which were used by ABB to prepare new displays. As a final step of the human factors process, usability testing was performed with the new displays.
The first part of the system was installed on Draugen starting in July 2014, and project completion is planned for January 2015.

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