HMI Redevelopment – Alvheim

Client: Marathon Petroleum


The Alvheim HMI (Human Machine Interface) Redevelopment project is the upgrade and improvement to the HMI and alarms on the Alvheim FPSO. The FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel) is currently producing up to 140,000 barrels per day of oil on the Norwegian continental shelf.

HMI Development

A HFS project group has been working on upgrading the HMI (Human Machine Interface) of the control and safety system in the Central Control Room. This was done in cooperation with Apply Sørco, Maersk, Kongsberg Maritime and Petrolink.

The overall goal was to provide control room operators with an improved control and safety system to ensure optimised production and minimal errors, in alignment with PSA regulations and relevant standards, guidelines and best practice.

The work included human factors management and guidance, planning and execution. The project placed highest importance on the inclusion of operator involvement throughout the design process and lifecycle implementation. Various methods were used such as task analysis and design reviews.

HFS also provided human factors training for system suppliers to enhance development.


To ensure operators have adequate competence, training activities were put in place. HFS developed a plan for training in relation to the upgrade, in cooperation with the various parties involved. HFS also developed a CBT (computer based training) tutorial that will be utilised at the simulator and offshore to both obtain and verify operator competence.

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