Working Environment Activities and Support – Sevan Marine

Client: Sevan Marine


Sevan Marine has developed unique cylindrical floating installations (buoys) suitable in all offshore environments. Sevan’s business model is design – build – own and operate.

The use of human factors expertise to improve operability and maintainability is an important contribution to the success of this model. HFS were engaged at a strategic level to ensure that Working Environment (WE) is adequately and effectively integrated into Sevan projects. HFS also performed a number of WE activities in support of the strategic work.

HFS’ activities have included

  • Lectures/advice about Norwegian expectations, regulations, standards
  • Regulatory Compliance consultancy – maritime vs petroleum regulations
  • The creation of steering documentation (e.g. WE Programme and WE Implementation Strategy, HMI and Alarm Philosophy, etc)
  • The development of WE tools (e.g. WEACs, checklists)
  • General WE and HF advice
  • Experience Transfer (data collection from past experience and an inspection of a Sevan installation)
  • A WEIA and Organisation and Manning review
  • A LQ WE review
  • A Job Hazards review
  • Development of WE handbook for design engineers

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