Self Service for All – Deltasenteret

Client: Deltasenteret – Part of the Norwegian Dept for Health and Social Affairs. self_service


Due to a combination of scarce labour, relatively high labour cost and low population density, Scandinavia has invested heavily in self-service systems. These are to be found in a number of important societal areas such as road tolling, petrol stations, public telephones, vending machines, ATM´s, ticket machines, library services etc. Given the importance of these systems and the consequences of not being able to use them, it is essential that self service systems are accessible for all users.


HFS was engaged by the Norwegian “Delta” centre to develop a Guidance document for those purchasing, adapting and installing self service systems. The goal was to provide guidance on how to make self-service accessible for all. The guidance document is based on the principles of universal design, and provides an overview of key requirements that different user groups such as children, the elderly and disabled have in relation to self-service automates. It contains tips, checklists, examples of good and bad practice, and provides references to existing and planned international standards of relevance to self service automates. It provides requirements for different types of functions a self service system could have (e.g. coin insertion, card reading), design and localization.

Developing the guidance was based on a human centered design process involving user organizations and service providers.

This document is for all those involved in one or more of the following activities:

  • Identifying and specifying requirements for self service machines
  • Purchasing self service machines
  • Designing and adapting self service machines and their components (e.g. designers)
  • Localising self service machines (e.g. architects, building engineers, property owners)

Due to demand, the original Norwegian document was translated into English. It has since become a source document for a European Technical Specification on Accessibility to Card Reading Devices. The document has also been translated to Japanese and become Japanese Industry Standard (JIS X 8341) and is used to verify that self service systems are accessible.


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