Task analysis – Maritime Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

Client: Kystverket


Kystverket (Norwegian Coastal Administration) is responsible for promoting safety and navigability along the Norwegian coastline and in the Norwegian Economic zone. Kystverket monitors traffic from its five VTS centres in Horten, Fedje, Kvitsøy, Vardø, and Brevik. Each VTS centre is responsible for a defined geographic area and together cleared more than 360,000 ships for entering Norwegian waters, in 2014.

HFS personnel were contracted by Kystverket to assess tasks, systems, workload, work environment, and physical layout in four of Kystverkets VTS centres. The project was part of a major upgrade and modernisation of the Norwegian VTS, where HFS’ findings and recommendations for improvement were used to optimise the Norwegian VTS’ many services.


  • Lead and conducted human factors activities
  • Performed task and workload analyses
  • Performed system and technology assessments
  • Performed work environment assessments
  • Proposed layout design
  • General working environment and human factors advice

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