Control Room HF & HMI Activities – Valhall

Client: BP


Valhall consists of four platforms and three satellite platforms, and is BPs largest installation in Norway. VRD (Valhall Re-Development) is one of the most high profile projects in the HFS portfolio.

The project is groundbreaking in use of Integrated Operations, as it will be the first installation to have a full-scale onshore control room mirroring the offshore control room. This offers major technical, organisational and human factors challenges. HFS has contributed in both steering documentation, analyses and control system design.

Steering Documentation

  • Statement of requirements (concept description for remote control and integrated operations – 2005)
  • HMI philosophy
  • Alarm philosophy
  • Large Screen Display philosophy
  • Plan for developing and testing HMI
  • Concept layouts for development and user testing for CCR and IOE centre offshore


  • Close cooperation with end users
  • Usability testing of new communications technologies
  • Prototyping and testing of control room ergonomics
  • Prototyping and validating control room equipment
  • Implementation of Large Screen Display philosophy
  • Implementing HMI philosophy for the process pictures
  • Facilitating office layout workshop and concept development
  • Function analyses
  • Task analyses
  • Control room communication analyses
  • Scenario analyses

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