Norwegian Working Environment (WE) requirements applicable to the offshore industry can be found in several different regulations, standards and codes, such as PSA, NMA, ISO, EN and NORSOK. These standards are comprehensive and difficult to navigate. Most often, personnel spend significant time identifying the relevant sections and accurately applying these to the task at hand. This is particularly challenging to foreign contractors/ vendors unfamiliar to Norwegian rules, regulations and expectations. In many cases, there exist contradictory requirements, and the standards in their original written form do not facilitate mutual understanding, which is absolutely essential in projects involving personnel from different cultures, nationalities, languages and disciplines.

HFS has developed a number of WE handbooks that summarise the most important Norwegian WE requirements selected by their level of importance and relevance. To promote comprehension, the requirements are visualised and supported by short explanatory texts with reference to the applicable standard or regulation. The WE handbooks have been successfully used in engineering, design reviews and site inspections by a number of leading shipyards and oil & gas companies worldwide.

The WE handbooks are available as either HFS’s standard interpretation of WE requirements, in HFS’ graphic profile, or as a design package, where the handbooks are customized according to the client’s graphic profile and client (or project) specific information/requirements. The handbooks will help promote effective, accurate and safe job performance, and save you time by facilitating for informative decision-making throughout the design and engineering process.

Note! The handbooks can be translated into any language.